Wednesday, March 20, 2013

PART 2/3- VFX Breakdown "MR Fisher" - 21/03/13

This series might will probably be a lot shorter than the last one, as the second image repeated a lot of the techniques I used:

This image went the same as before. I took another stock image...
  ...then I cut out the character and positioned the 3D camera to fit...
...and rendered the necessary passes, comping them together in After Effects.
This one was pretty straightforward. By now, I was more accustomed to using a formula of levels, curves and masked photo filters on top of stock elements like sparks and smoke/fog, and reversing the holographic elements to fit the perspective.

In the previous composition, I created a unique looking explosion in Photoshop, by researching different stock images. The goal of any visual effects artist or storyteller is to show the audience something they may not have seen before, which was why I researched elements that might not be directly related to explosions, and comped those together. When I got a look that I wanted, I started to get ideas on how I might go about compositing elements like smoke and sparks, and different ways on how to create particle simulations for the explosion, and how it might interact with the 3D world around it.

I would also like to mention at this point that I'm considering moving this page to Facebook, in an attempt to reach more viewers. But this decision is strongly dependent on what's preferred by those who read this blog. Please leave a comment down below to have your say. What is being considered, is I would keep this blog to publish breakdowns of different projects, and the finished works on a Facebook page. Please let me know what you think.


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