Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Workstation

So I got a new workstation the other day. Funny how it happened:

So I'm walking home from the train station after Archery lessons. I had left my wallet on the train, and I had no money or identification. As I'm walking down the street, I pass a free desk sitting on the side of the road. My house is not nearby. So, I ask some people who lived nearby if I could keep the shelves at their place to pick up later, and I carried the desk home on my shoulders. Imagine this big desk, and somehow I was able to balance it on my shoulder. I approached a pedestrian crossing, and I wanted to catch the green light, so I began to jog. It must have been very strange for the motorists to see a guy jogging across the road with a big desk on his shoulders. In the end, a stranger called Ben helped me carry it the rest of the way, and my flatmates let me keep the desk.

From my new desk, this is Elliot Blakely signing off.

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