Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Eisenhower's Machine

Hi guys, Elliot here.

So I was rummaging around on the old hard drive, backing things up, and I found an old concept which was part of an orthographic projection I made in college.

(Side note: According to Wikipedia, an orthographic projection is a technical drawing "representing a three-dimensional object in two dimensions". Basically, we draw an object from different sides so that we can rebuild in in 3D in the computer. In short, they're blueprints that we use to make stuff with.)

This concept was just an exercise to try and illustrate characters in orthographic views and playing around with different techniques (flat shades of grey, T-pose, etc...), and I didn't spend enough time on it to give it any depth, but when I'm designing a character, even a little, I'll always try to develop at least some small aspect of the character. In my opinion, I'm not motivated in designing a character if I don't have at least some small idea what this character is about.

But roughly, Eisenhower's machine was invented when Dwight Eisenhower came into presidency. In the prelude to the cold war, the Americans were developing military hardware to protect America and her interests. As a general, Eisenhower had the genesis of an idea that would eventually lead to becoming the most advanced piece of military hardware since the invention of the Tank. He theorized that a humanoid Tank controlled by radio waves could be sent into battle in the place of a normal soldier. And so, from blueprints directed by Eisenhower and developments by the American military, a single prototype was created, which was aptly named "Eisenhower's machine"

Also, in before "Iron Man reference". He's not the first character to have a battery in his chest.

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