Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brainwheel Pictures Blog Update 06/06/2012

Hi everyone, sorry for the late reply.

We have been scattered a lot this last month. A lot has been happening for us on a couple fronts. We are currently working on a short film, among other things. But we'll get to that later. Some exciting news for us: Brainwheel Pictures recently got some publicity in a local paper:


It was really exciting to get some publicity. It was a big confidence boost for us.

Now to our film project. In between our own personal works, we have been planning a short film. As it is still in the pre production stage, we can't reveal too much about it. What we can say is that it involves a big axe, a shield and some fighting. In all, a good mix.

Until next time, here is a preview of another props workshop we've been allowed to use.

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  1. That's so great Elliot when you're working on the stuff ya after for. I am very excited to see your short man.