Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Madness

So the holidays have finally happened. The 45 week course has finished, and we are all at home. And yet, I'm busier than ever. Even now, my hands are raw from carrying firewood. When I get home, inbetwen doing whatever the family asks, I have to think about how, where and when I'm going to get a job.

The responsibilities of an adult. Whatever misunderstanding as to the value of free time is certainly gone now.

But I'm still furiously busy figuring out when to have the time to do some physical effects. Two years at a computer has left me with an even greater desire for physical fabrication. Props, miniatures, anything I can get my hands on. The real trick is figuring out what to do first.

And I've picked up some useful tools. Among early christmas presents and late birthday presents, I have a Dremel toolkit with just about everything I could think of, a beer belt that holds 6 cans of spray paint, like if Batman took up a tagging career, and a 20kg bag of plaster for casting. All of this would need space, and although I'm still talking to someone about it, I've mety a very generous person who has allowed me a corner room with a window and controlled lighting. Sometime after Christmas, I aim to post again with photos on the progress of the work, and possibly to introduce another honorary member of Brainwheel Pictures.

Merry Christmas!

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