Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Post

At the beginning of December 2010, I was at my desk in between renders furiously trying to design a logo to represent my work. I wanted a name that would represent original and innovative ideas. The idea came to me pretty much like lightning out of a clear sky. Just as quickly as it entered my head, I opened my sketchbook and drew a head with a gear in the back. Underneath it, I wrote the words "brainwheel pictures".

And just like that, Brainwheel Pictures was invented.

Something that Peter Jackson once said was that he didn't consider himself an artist. He said that he worked with too many people to consider himself an artist. My biggest career goal is to be part of a team of original and lateral thinkers. The first time I used Brainwheel Pictures was to represent my own work. In the middle of this year, I submitted an entry to the Make My Movie competition. The idea was about interplanetary postmen delivering mail throughout the galaxy. I pitched the idea to a couple students to see if they were interested, and they liked the idea. Over the course of this year, we worked together on the project. Although the idea wasn't picked, we still had an experience where we worked together on an idea. Through this experience, Brainwheel Pictures came to represent the work of a group.

In the middle of this year, I thought about different ways I could get this work out there. The usual ways are blog sites, showreels posted to online video websites and business cards. How do I create a way to promote this work in an original way?

All plans start on paper, mine usually as a scribble. I wanted textured engraved business cards. Ambitious, but still possible. I'm still working on that. Another idea was to send the work in an envelope of textured paper with a hand carved wax stamp. Not a pipe dream in the least. It's just figuring out the how and when.

Unfortunately, I am not particularly gifted at math or scripting, but creating a blogspot website seemed like a reasonable option. From this website, I would like to regularly update on the projects that Brainwheel pictures does. At the moment, it is just the working of three people. But as this team develops, others will be added to the group.

I'm writing this literally as the final deadline is closing in. More work from the rest of the people in the group will be posted as it comes in, but for now, here is the first of the work:

More work to come.


  1. I can see that is your head in the logo, Elliot. Congratz on new blog man

  2. Thanks, Tung. The idea to use my head was suggested by a friend who saw the work.